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Questions related to Promotional Cruise

Is the promotional cruise offered at the Pro-Consumer presentation free? This is a question that is frequently asked, and we are here to address any confusion associated with this topic.

Good afternoon Pro-Consumer members & guests. When individuals are invited to our presentation, they are offered a cruise certificate upon completion. PassToParadise is the fulfilling promotional company, and they are working in conjunction with us to offer a complimentary, not “free”, cruise.

So why do people keep mentioning a “free cruise”?

The reason why is simply because people are coming to their own conclusions without proper research. PassToParadise unable to offer a “free cruise”, because EVERY person taking the cruise MUST pay taxes and port fees to the cruise line (legal requirement). Essentially, it’s as close to free as it gets.

What is this “cruise voucher” worth?

The cruise certificate is generally used on inside or outside cabins with a maximum gross value of $1000 to $1,200, so anything over that in peak/holiday season, you would want to anticipate paying out of pocket. Other charges which may occur are cabin upgrades, taxes, tips, insurance, transfers and excursions. To get a feel for the taxes and possible upgrades visit, or any reputable retailer.

Lastly, here are two people who had positive experiences recently with PassToParadise:

29 Nov 2011

My wife and I received the same card about 4 months ago here in Myrtle Beach SC.We attended a presentation at a local Hotel .They said it would take 45 minutes but it was more like an hour and ten.But anyway at the end my wife really liked it and wanted to join their “club” so against my better judgement we did .I have been pleasantly surprised ! We purchased a new bedroom set that we saved  over $2300 on .We booked an Alaskan Cruise that we are gonna save $ 1800 on .And We just finished taking the “free cruise” we got for going there .The “club” Pro-Consumer is Awesome however the “free cruise” is a little low end .We had the chance to upgrade at a small cost and wish we had’ve but all in all even if we had’nt joined it was still well worth the hour of my time for the cruise .A lot of these things are scams just wanted to let everyone know fortunately for us this one is legit.

Rick Drachenberg

13 Jan 2012

I think most of you people need to realize that everyone isn’t always trying to rip you off.  I’ve done this “free” cruise before.  The word here is persistant, and that’s what you have to be.  Just keep at it and it will finally go through.  I had to change my dates 3 times and then of course wait for them to reply.  It did take me over a year to go on the cruise (they extended the time for me when I requested it), I had to pay all port charges and taxes as I was told.  I didn’t do an upgrade, which is where they sometimes get you.  All in all, for a first cruise, pretty damn good deal.  Bottom line you save about 50% off any deal you’d get on the internet.  That you have to decide is worth it to you.

This post was created to help clarify cruise details to people searching “Pro-Consumer Free Cruise”, and we hope that in the future this misunderstanding will be clear to all inquirers.


What Do All Travelers Have In Common?

They all love getting awesome deals. Thank you for visiting the official Pro-Consumer blog, today we have new reviews to present from members who really enjoy the benefits of our Patent-Pending Travel Program— rock bottom prices for our members! First off, member Jim M. felt initially skeptical about joining, but was quick to realize that his purchasing process was “satisfactory” and “probably would recommend” the service to his friends & family. Next, Jennifer N. spoke about how much she enjoyed her savings, how quickly the customer service staff’s responses were, and how excited she is to plan out her trip to Sea World next year through our company. Last, we have Nina D., and she told us she “went to the Pro-Consumer seminar with the sole intention of getting my complimentary cruise and leaving.” However, after Nina realized how suitable the travel benefits were for her if she joined, she decided to change her mind and join.

If you would like the full details about these three members’ experiences, then please visit this page: Love Traveling? We Know You’ll Love Joining TPC-Pro-Travel

We hope you all stop by again soon!

Stop Making Your Friends Jealous…

Each time they hear about your awesome cruise deal or discounted airfare, they’re gonna start wondering why they’re always paying other agencies more. Today we’ve got some awesome testimonials from three of our members. Marylin &  George recently completed some travel plans, and were extremely thrilled with our travel agents “kindness, understanding, and patience”. Not only this, but Rhonda, a previous skeptic, joined by referral after watching her close friends sail off on one of our cruises! Finally, Wes referred a close friend of his own after being “very pleased with all of your offerings and services.” If you’d like to read the entire article about these three members’ experience, then follow this link: “Dont Forget to Tell Your Friends…by TPC-Pro-Travel”.

Have a great weekend!

Time to Renew?

Hello to all Pro-Consumer/TPC-Pro-Travel members. Today we have a great new article from one of our members about their experience with the program, along with their decision to renew. John L. talks about how his initial decision to join came with great benefits since they do a lot of traveling. John also went on to state that he appreciated the customer service representatives being attentive to his needs, and giving him a call back in a prompt fashion.

Almost everyone we have dealt with in booking/ordering has been very friendly. Some seem more knowledgeable than others but that is expected. We do get call backs when someone is not readily available. The merchandise we ordered was a lot cheaper than we were able to get it for. Our overall opinion after one year, is a good one. Even with the minor glitches this has been a very good move on our part.

If you wish to read the entire article about John L.’s experience & decision to renew, then go here: “Perpetual Satisfaction Means You’ll Want to Renew…By TPC-Pro-Travel


Thinking Of Upgrading Your Home?

Hello and welcome back to the official Pro-Consumer blog. We’ve been taking some time to gather new stories regarding member testimonials that we will be sharing with you today.

Today we’ll be focusing on Pro-Consumer/TPC-Pro-Travel’s Home Improvement department. All members new & old should definitely keep in mind that we can get you great deals on new appliances, furniture, and other furnishings. Member Erin L. recently emailed us to discuss how she replaced both of her air conditioning units. We are delighted to say that she not only saved lots of money, but also chose energy efficient units that will save them money in the long run! We hope you decide to read the full article, “Home Improvement? Call Us Now

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Our Business Revolves Around Customer Service…

That’s why we’re glad that members like William M. say they’re extremely satisfied with ours. In a recent e-mail, William M. explained to us how he had worked in the IT/Customer Service industry for nearly 21 years, and that we seemed to be one of few companies that actually believes in “customer satisfaction”. Not only this, but he also said his customer service experience was among the “best customer service of [his] life”.

We’re very grateful to have such responsive members, and if you would like to read the entire article, please go to the TPC-Pro-Travel Article.

Please stop by again soon. Thank you.

It’s Friday, November 19 2010!

Good afternoon to all of our loyal TPC- ProTravel/Pro-Consumer members! Your hard working week is now coming to a close, and we hope its gone well for you all so far. With that being said, we have some new updated e-mail responses that we’d like to share with you all today, enjoy!

I am responding to your request to give you feedback regarding your Pro Travel
services.  Quite frankly I was skeptical before we joined the Pro Travel group.  We
signed up and paid our membership fee, but knew that we had a few days to think
about the purchase and had the right to change our minds if we decided we did not
think we would ever get our money’s worth from the membership.  We rushed home to
check to see if your travel prices were indeed as good as we were told at the sales
meeting.  While we did not actually purchase any tickets at the time, we were
pleased with the pricing we were getting for our travel requests.  There was only
one airline ticket that we could find as good as price ourselves as Pro Travel
could, which made us optimistic enough to proceed with the membership.

I find the process of booking satisfactory, but frankly are used to booking directly
on the internet, so having to call a person on the phone a little cumbersome.  I
suspect that I will get used to the process, but will have to adjust my habits.

– Deanne U.

Received tickets. Have not yet used them. Am pleased so far, would recommend.

– David S.

At first I was skeptical about using the program. I searched the standard discount travel agents and then compared and found that TPC-ProTravel was indeed less expensive!

The booking/ordering experience was simple and prompt.  I had my request confirmed within an hour of starting the process.

Great News- Video Testimonial

Good afternoon Pro-Consumer members & guests, today is a very important day for you all to take note of. We’ve finally got one of our first video testimonials from a very satisfied member up on our fulfillment company’s website (TPC-Pro-Travel). If you would like to watch the video, then please feel free to go here.

Thank you for stopping by to check out the update, we’ll hopefully be back again soon.

It’s Feedback Friday!

Hey there Pro-Consumer members, today we have another story worth checking out. New member, Denise D., was initially quite skeptical, but quickly found out how the savings work with the program.

Please check out the story here.

Just a small update…

Hello Pro-Consumer members- it’s been a while since we’ve last wrote. We wanted to take some time to give you a few updates regarding member feedback. As always, our fulfillment company, TPC-Pro-Travel, has still been obtaining feedback from our members.

To make up for lost time, we recommend reading these articles:

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Too Good To Be True? How some member’s overcame skepticism

Awesome Feedback- New Members

As always, we appreciate all of our members & guests stopping by to get the latest news from Global Service. Make sure you visit the Official TPC-Pro-Travel Blog for more industry related news & feedback from our fulfilling company, TPC-ProTravel.

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